Riding Information

The Richmond Hill riding is a provincial and federal electoral district, created in 2003 from parts of the Oak Ridges electoral district. The riding is represented federally by Costas Menegakis, a backbencher in the Conservative Party of Canada. Provincially the riding is represented by Reza Moridi of the Ontario Liberal Party.

The riding is bound on the west, east and south sides by Bathurst Street, Highway 404, and Highway 7 respectively. On the north side the riding is bound by Elgin Mills Road East between Yonge Street and Highway 404, and by Gamble Road between Bathurst Street and Yonge Street.

Richmond Hill has been experiencing a continuous and substantial increase in NDP support in every provincial and federal election since the late 1990s. For example, in the 2000 federal elections the NDP received only 1623 votes representing 3% of the total votes in the area. That figure increased to 8,433 votes representing 17% of the total in the 2011 federal elections.

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